BritHistorian (brithistorian) wrote in grange_farm,

One of the things I really like about The Archers is the way we'll often see the same sort of conflict playing out simultaneously in two different groups, sort of variations on a theme.  Take, for example, the current conflicts on the theme of family loyalty vs. business savvy.

  1. Pat & Tony vs. Matt & Borchester Land:  I'm afraid Pat and Tony are going to lose out on this one.  My theory is that after Pat's recent opposition to the digester, the council is going to see her as a kneejerk reactionary and will be less than favorably disposed to her efforts to block the development of the packhouse.
  2. Ruth & David vs. Adam, Matt, and Lillian:  I think Ruth and David are quite mistaken if they think Adam is going to let family loyalty sway his decisions with regards to the digester.  He and Debbie are going to be looking to make as much money from it as quickly as possible so that they'll be in a position to buy Ruari out in the event of Brian's demise.

I also noticed this sort of thing a couple of months ago with the "Adam & Debbie vs. Brian" and "Roy vs. Brenda" inheritance squabbles.
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